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Peter Cvik

I was born on 28th september 1985 in Bratislava. Since 2006 I have studied on AFAD Bratislava. Actually I am studing PhD. degree under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Csudai. I live and work in old factory Cvernovka in Bratislava. Beside classic painting on canvas I pay my attention on drawing and oversizes of painting to 3D surroundings. My paintings are inspired by urban landscape where I live. They are visual interpretations of city, places, mental maps and experiences.

For Me painting is telling stories by my own abstract language. By this method I code links to emotions of city and his background.


Mail: cvikpeter@gmail.com

Web: www.petercvik.sk

Facebook: Peter Cvik

Instagram: CVIKPETER

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Everything Has It Own Order
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